Precondition checks

Your current version is 1.0-rc8 dev and the version we can upgrade to is 1.0-rc8.

In order to upgrade Flyspray correctly it needs to be able to access and write flyspray.conf.php.

../flyspray.conf.php writeable
Database connection OK

Apparently, an upgrade is possible.


Create a backup of your database and all Flyspray related files before performing the upgrade.

Formatting of task descriptions and comments has changed

Previously those installations of Flyspray that didn't use dokuwiki formatting engine stored data as plain text. We now use HTML as the default and can try to add paragraph and line break tags to already existing data entries, so your data retains it's structure. But if your existing data already contains manually added HTML tags something probably goes wrong and you have some corrupted entries in your database that must be manually fixed. If unsure, answer "No", unless you can examine the situation before proceeding. If you are fluent in programming with PHP, see also at the end of setup/upgrade.php, look at what it does and possibly modify according to your needs.

Yes No

Perform Upgrade

Info: This may take a while depending on the upgrade type and your database size: from a few seconds up to doing a coffee break.

We do not get upgrade progress feedback while the upgrading process is running, but if it takes longer it can be a sign of problem.